2013 United Way Campaign

We just completed another successful United Way Contribution Campaign and we’re incredibly pleased with the results.  Our goal this year was $44,000 and we were able to surpass it with a total of $47,282 pledged for 2014.  Many thanks to our generous Valkyrians for their willingness to share their good fortune.  Also, congratulations are extended to our 15 winners of the various raffle prizes ranging from a $100 Uncorked.com gift card to a $1,000 Best Buy gift card.  Prizes will be awarded in January.
Since 2007, when we opened our doors, Valkyrie has been a proud supporter of the United Way.  Over the years, Valkyrians have donated an impressive $148,355 to the United Way!  Take a moment to let that sink it….one hundred forty-eight thousand dollars! Just to give you an idea of what that has done for our communities, that amount is what it takes to provide:
114    Children with a year of after-school care
89,013    Meals for hungry children
2,853    Weekly visits/support for at-risk teens on the street
228    Adults with urgent medical and dental services
30    Elderly, home-bound neighbors with daily in-home meals and care.
Again, many thanks to our Valkyrie employees who have supported our United Way campaign through the years.  And from our family to yours, Happy Holidays!!!