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Welcome to our newest Valkyrians!

Claude Stubbs, Project Manager Valorie Smith, Accounts Payable Specialist Edna Quinsay, Billing/Receivables  Specialist Craig Perkins, Instructional Specialist John Kersh, Senior Analyst David Hartley, Instructional Specialist Blaise Harding, Senior Analyst Carl Early, Multimedia Specialist Brandon Brown, Systems Engineer Reginald Brooks, Analyst Stephen Blanchard, Project Manager Katelyn Beach, Analyst

Our Navy in action

Courtesy of  The Navy Times’ SCOOP DECK, video seen here of sailors aboard the George H.W. Bush building bombs and the second video from the blog post shows what happened after the bombs were loaded onto FA/18 Hornets.  The airstrike took place in Northern Iraq. The Bush carrier strike group and Carrier Air Wing 8… Read more »

Today marks one year since the Washington Navy Yard tragedy

An excerpt from  Vice Adm. Hilarides’ post regarding the Washington Navy Yard shootings that happened one year ago today.  “NAVSEA is not just a bunch of offices and people; we’re a family.  And, just as families come together to celebrate in times of joy, they also come together to aid one another in times of… Read more »

Welcome to our newest Valkyrians!

 Edward Abel, Logistics Analyst Bill Anderson, Sr. Consulting Mgr. John Chaney, Logistics Analyst   Bryan Clark, Engineering Technician Matt Holley, Program Manager Ellis King, Military Systems Analyst Jill Kryski, Project Control Analyst Keith McGhee, Division Manager Gary Pray, Project Manager Robert Tomlinson, Engineering Technician Nelson Whitaker, Multimedia Specialist Vincent Zepeda, Program Manager