USS Wisconsin

We are honored to be among the first to volunteer for Norfolk’s “Help Restore BB 64” effort. Valkyrie has adopted the Pilot House of the USS Wisconsin, docked at Nauticus, and will return it to her former glory. Efforts began early in 2012 and will continue through this year; it’s a massive project that allows us to marry our passion for the Navy and naval history with our large pool of skills, experience and networks in restoring this great battleship’s Pilot House.


Honor & Remember

Valkyrie Supports Honor & Remember

In 2009, Valkyrie became a supporter of Honor and remember, Inc., a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to establish a tangible national symbol of gratitude, as a visible public reminder to all Americans, that perpetually recognizes all military lives lost in defense of our national freedoms.




United Way

Valkyrie Warriors support United Way!

Valkyrie is a proud supporter of the United Way and we hope if you’re new to the company or one of our customers or partners, you’ll do the same! It’s a great organization and community-based!


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