In-Service Engineering

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In these times of reduced budgets, Valkyrie’s engineers and technicians are supporting modernization, service life extension and mid-life upgrades for Aegis CG/DDG, LSD, and Army LSV/LCU programs.

Our C5I support includes; readiness assessments and material inspections, identification and development of issues/trends, and proposed “actionable” solutions for the Fleet. We participate in the cross Knowledge Sharing Network (KN) for C5I and Aegis wholeness. We develop local and enterprise configuration control board (LCCB/ECCB) packages and present the changes to the appropriate forum. Our Fleet technicians provide the Program Managers Representatives (PMR) in-service support for Combat Systems (CS), Integrated Ships Control (ISC) and Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS).

In-service Engineering Lead:






Mike Lombardo
Contact: 757-962-2545
email Mike Lombardo