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Valkyrie’s System Engineering team specializes in development programs and modernization of in service programs. Support covers the full spectrum of DoD 5000.2 from system definition and design through system integration. Our personnel participate in the engineering disciplines of DoD 5000.2 and development of documents to support decision milestones for ACAT I (MDAP) to ACAT III programs. Additionally, Valkyrie personnel focus on design reviews from System Requirements Review (SRR) to Critical Design Review (CDR). Staff personnel also participate in Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) requirements development and the tracking of requirements allocation through Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (DOORS). Valkyrie provides engineering support for open architecture design, development, and deployment through the Aegis modernization program. For new ship construction, our Post Delivery Test & Trials engineers support every aspect of delivery of the ship from sail away to Final Acceptance Trials. Systems Engineering/Programs/Customers

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Neil Funtanilla
Contact: 540-625-2097
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