Inside Combat Rescue

Have you seen National Geographic’s show “Inside Combat Rescue”?!  Wow….

We’re a little late in finding this gem, but better late than never.  And thankfully, videos are available for viewing via the show’s website and there’s a lot of information on their Facebook page, too.

The Air Force has offered an unprecedented look behind the scenes of the elite Combat Rescue members of the U.S. Air Force, Pararescuemen, or PJs.  Their mission: to rescue American or Allied forces in extreme danger.

Nat Geo takes viewers inside the harrowing world of brave pararescue airmen on the front lines of Afghanistan.  They put their lives on the line so, as their motto states, “that others may live.”

Sometimes it’s easy to take what we have for granted.  Watching these two clips, we hope you’ll find a reignited appreciation for those who serve and we’re sure you’re already a patriot, but we hope you also sense a slightly deeper appreciation for our great nation.

Show Trailer
Inside Combat Rescue Deleted Scene:  For Fallen Soldiers