Surely you remember seeing a Navy Unmanned Combat Air System demonstration (NUCAS-D), the X-47B, take flight off the deck of a carrier (the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) to be precise) within the last few weeks, right?!  Well, did you know that Valkyrie has been involved with this project for quite some time and that we played a pivotal role as well?

Most recently, Team Valkyrie was responsible for creating the lab that was placed in the carrier’s hangar bay, from which the launch was conducted.  The idea behind the Conex box project was conceived and sold by Valkyrie Operations to PMA268 and contract prime, Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC).  It was a plan that was designed and engineered by Valkyrie’s Engineering Design Division to incorporate system requirements from 4 different groups into a single, cohesive structure.  This project was assembled, delivered and tested by Valkyrie Technical Services in time to support all NGC and Government test objectives.

This project fully embraces the “WE BUILT IT” bumper stickers that our team ensured were placed on the units prior to their being put on display for the numerous 2 and 3 star admirals, captains and other dignitaries who have toured the facility so far.  We are currently determining where the unit will go after the program ends.  One of the suggestions is to place the unit in the PAX River Air Museum.  If that happens, we will have a piece of history on permanent display to the general public.

Not bad for being done in less than 9 months, inception to final acceptance!

– Submitted by Jeff Willacker,
N-UCAS Program Coordinator