SOS: Save our Ships!

Just passing along a note from the President of the VA Ship Repair Association President:

Virginia Ship Repair Association Members,

Many of you may have already received this but in the event that you have not …..

The SCA, on a national basis has formally announced the launching of a multi-faceted PR/media and grassroots campaign called “Save Our Ships” – SOS.  VSRA is in lock step with the SCA regarding this initiative.  I am sending this to encourage all of you to please consider pushing the below petition out to all your company employees for them to consider signing the petition and also then pass it along to other stakeholders or interested parties in the ship repair industry.  Attached is a fact-sheet infographic on the impacts of sequestration and CR funding on the shipyard industry – please feel free to utilize as you wish in your advocacy efforts.

Click hereto sign the petition.
Click here to view the Fact-Sheet Infograhic

The goal in this campaign is to create nationwide awareness and educate policy-makers and the Administration on why it is important to “Save Our Ships” from the arbitrary budget cuts under sequestration and end the budget uncertainty from continuing resolutions.  Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or would like further information regarding this campaign. 

With my utmost respects,
William W. “Bill” Crow, President

Virginia Ship Repair Association (VSRA)
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