Valkyrie Wins $6M NAMTS Contract

(Press Release)

Valkyrie Enterprises Awarded Contract in Support of Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy Program


Virginia Beach, VA, (N00178-14-D-7987-FK01) – Valkyrie Enterprises, LLC, a leading maritime engineering and sustainment provider, has been awarded a contract in support of the Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy (NAMTS) Program.   The firm fixed price contract is valued at $6 million.

The NAMTS program was established by the Chief of Naval Operations in the late 1990’s to improve shipboard organic maintenance capability and material self-sufficiency, as Sailor knowledge and proficiency in performing shipboard repairs are essential to mission accomplishment. It provides formal shipboard systems and equipment repair training for over 2,400 Sailors assigned to intermediate level maintenance activities in five geographical regions; Norfolk, VA; Mayport, FL; San Diego, CA; Bremerton, WA and Pearl Harbor, HI.  NAMTS is a program under the Commander, Navy Regional Maintenance Center (CNRMC).

Currently, the NAMTS Program supports 18 Job Qualification Requirements (JQR) ranging from Valve and Watertight Door repair to Gas Turbine Electrical and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration repair. Each Sailor who completes a NAMTS JQR and passes written and oral examinations is eligible to be awarded a NAMTS Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) code and is detailed to the fleet to fill these critical intermediate maintenance billets.

Valkyrie Enterprises, with partners Cape Henry Associates and SAIC, employs 18 personnel who support the NAMTS program; the team is responsible for tracking and managing participating Sailors’ qualification progress.   In addition, a new requirement of the NAMTS program is the management of the U.S. Navy fleet’s Industrial Plant Equipment (IPE). Contractors serving as Production Equipment Managers are responsible for the lifecycle management of the Navy’s maintenance facilities IPE and will provide recommendations for replacement, upgrade and acquisition of new IPE and technology to support the Navy’s intermediate maintenance programs.

Gary Lisota, Valkyrie Enterprises President and CEO said, “We have been doing work for the CNRMC for more than three years and we are honored to have been selected for and entrusted with ensuring that our Sailors are trained and capable of fulfilling their maintenance duties aboard our Navy ships.  With our subcontract partners at Cape Henry Associates and SAIC, we will carry out the requirements of this award, ever mindful that we work in support of our Warriors. ”