Warrior Week


Valkyrie is a proud supporter of the inaugural Warrior Week, happening in Virginia Beach, on NOB, and in Suffolk from May 26-June1.

Bringing together physical, therapeutic, and recreational organizations from across the nation that focus on the rehabilitation of wounded service members, Warrior Week 2014 is the first event of its kind!  Each wounded service member and their family will have the opportunity to participate in various activities from adaptive water skiing and kayaking to coastal fishing, and from a horsemanship therapeutic program to surfing.  There will also be national representation from the U.S. Sailing and U.S. Cycling organizations.

The event was designed to bring all levels of skills and interest together in one location, while creating lasting memories for all to enjoy.

Volunteer opportunities are still available and duties are straightforward, typically involving collecting sign-up sheets and activity waivers.  There will also be opportunities for volunteers to participate in some of the events, pending available space.  If you are interested in volunteering for a shift or two, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Elan, at elan[at]usohrcv.org.  Shifts last anywhere from 2-7 hours; weekday and weekend opportunities are available.

What better way to commemorate the Memorial Day week than with such an opportunity?! Thanks for considering and feel free to pass this post along to anyone you think may be interested!