Workplace Safety: A Valkyrie Milestone




Valkyrie recently achieved a milestone; we surpassed one year without a recordable injury!  Congratulations and THANK YOU for your continued dedication to workplace safety.  During the past year, Valkyrians worked over 400,000 safe hours.  That would be the equivalent of a family of 4 going 12 years without a single trip to the doctor’s office due to an injury or illness.  Remarkable, isn’t it?!

Unfortunately, that streak ended last week when an employee broke a bone in a foot while descending a staircase.  The incident investigation found that the cause of the injury was a result of distracted walking.  (Yes, that’s a thing.  Read this and this.  Best of all, take a look  and see what one city across the globe decided to do to combat the epidemic; they even tested the same concept out in Washington, DC.)  We’re probably all guilty of doing it at one point or another.  Some of us even do it all day every day; you know who you are!  In any case, continue to keep safety a top priority.  And aside from keeping yourself safe, save yourself the embarrassment of being one of those people get caught on video as you walk into a wall, mall fountain, light post, etc. that goes viral!

All kidding aside, THANK YOU to those of you who played such a vital role in helping us reach such a tremendous milestone!