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CPC 500

CPC 500


S2S CPC 500 is a U.S. Navy MIL-PRF 16173E-approved high-performance, long-lasting rust inhibitor.  Tough enough to withstand the Navy’s crushing deployment cycle.


  • Use on voids, tanks, rudders, retractable chocks, deck machinery, boat davits, watertight door assemblies, refueling station receiver assemblies, fast track assemblies, anchor windlass controllers, and life raft assemblies

  • 500+ hours without corrosion in a salt-spray chamber

  • Rubber compatible with ASTM D471 standards

  • Stops electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals

  • Dielectric strength to 36,000 volts

  • Self-healing

  • Easy to use

  • No sandblasting required

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