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Industrial HD


S2S Industrial HD is its thickest, longest-lasting formula. After 1,000 hours in the ASTM B117-18 salt spray test, S2S Industrial HD remained intact with fresh metal under the thick coating. Recommended for harsh environments or areas protected for decades.


  • Use on bilges, mixing rooms, intake and outtake, tank preservation, anchor chain and lockers, retractable chock, and deck equipment

  • 1,000+ hours without corrosion in ASTM B117-18 salt spray chamber test

  • Dielectric strength up to 3,200 volts

  • Stops electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals

  • Rubber compatible with ASTM D471 standards

  • Safe on batteries, electrical, and electronics

  • Apply to damp, rusted, and painted surfaces

  • Removes easily with high pH detergent

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