Valkyrie’s subsidiary, QPI specializes in solving customer challenges. We manufacture, high quality, niche products to militaries and commercial clients around the globe. As a value-added reseller, QPI also creates hardware and software solutions, packaged in ruggedized, military quality designs.

QPI brings years of experience to Hardware/Software Integration (HSI). Over our 25-year history we have helped our customers develop solutions to problems, deficiencies and enhancements for their existing products and services. We forge upgrade paths that have improved performance and helped stave off obsolescence. When presented with an opportunity from our customers, our key approach is to help define the scope and desired application with all stakeholders from corporate managers to design engineers to the final end-user. QPI both writes specifications and Statement of Work (SOW) packages and collaborates with our customers (commercial and Government) to develop internal engineering documents ensuring all perspectives are considered. 

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