Valkyrie planners and estimators are experts using the Navy Maintenance Database (NMD).  Our team develops 4E specifications for availability work packages as well as Independent Government Estimates (IGE) for the Navy maintenance and modernization community.  Additionally, Valkyrie analyzes cost return data and growth work trends, develops Baseline Availability Work Packages (BAWPs) and Technical Foundation Papers (TFPs).  We assist in maintenance policy development, assessment synchronization, and perform surface ship modernization planning.

Valkyrie provides engineering, metrics development and analysis, and technical support to the Carrier Planning Activity (CPA) for the centralized life cycle management for all in-service aircraft carriers. We provide onsite life cycle class maintenance engineering and planning support, maintain and issue annually the Aircraft Carrier Class Maintenance Plan (ACCMP) Manual and Technical Foundation Papers (TFPs).  We provide condition-based maintenance (CBM) support and reliability centered maintenance (RCM) analysis, analyze carrier maintenance labor and material costs to identify trends in expenditures for both timed and corrective maintenance/modernization to include all support services.  We export maintenance and cost data for Aircraft Carrier CNO availabilities to document and measure effectiveness in executing the Class Maintenance Plan (CMP) for aircraft carriers and provide administration and management of the Navy’s I-Level maintenance training program at 18 training sites, with more than 2000 Sailors enrolled.