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Award Release - QPI and Moriah Wind System

Valkyrie Enterprises Inc. announces that Quality Performance Incorporated (QPI), a wholly owned subsidiary, has recently been awarded a five-year prime contract with the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), for the follow-on production contract supporting the Moriah Wind System. The contract is valued at $39,942,233.50.

The Moriah Wind System replaces the Type F Wind Measuring and Indication System. The system collects, distributes, calculates, and displays information for safe launch and recovery of aircraft. The work will be performed at QPI headquarters in Fredericksburg, VA, and supported by Aeronautical & General Instruments (AGI) Ltd. Based in Poole England.

Gary Lisota, CEO of Valkyrie Enterprises stated, “This award is a very important win for Valkyrie Enterprises, and it is a cornerstone program at QPI. This award represents the fourth production contract of The Moriah Wind System with QPI. We are extremely proud to continue our longstanding relationship in supporting NAVAIR and PMA 251 (ALRE) with the Moriah Wind System."

Moriah LED onboard USS Ronald Reagan

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