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Valkyrie accelerates the adoption of digital engineering by aligning mission requirements with systems, components, and capabilities. This traceability ensures decision-makers can evaluate performance and make better force projections. 


Capabilities Include:

- Distributed force training

- LVC test and training frameworks

- NATO and coalition test and training

- Wargame planning, execution, and adjudication 

- Pre-deployment and underway interoperability
training on C4I Systems

- Model Based Systems Engineering

- Systems of Systems engineering

- Scenario-based simulation

- Digital Engineering

- IAMD and Strike Mission/System Integration


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JTLS-GO is an interactive, internet-enabled simulation that models multi-sided air, ground, and naval civil-military operations with logistical, Special Operation Force (SOF), and intelligence support. Today, JTLS-GO is frequently used as a training support model that is theater-independent and does not require knowledge of programming to operate effectively.

The primary focus of the JTLS-GO system is conventional joint and combined operations at the Operational Level of War as defined by the Joint Staff's Universal Joint Task List. JTLS-GO explicitly models air, land, sea, amphibious, intelligence reporting, logistics, and SOF operations. The simulation also supports limited nuclear and chemical effects, low-intensity conflict, pre-conflict operations, as well as support of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) operations. Today, JTLS-GO is used in 25 countries, including NATO.

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