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By designing the environments that will define the next generation of warfare, Valkyrie builds the tools to integrate hardware- and software-in-the-loop test and training systems. We enable highspeed, low-cost testing of weapon systems to meet the future needs of our warfighters. 

By merging our iterative software development approach with our engineering expertise, Valkyrie develops and employs modeling, simulation, and analysis to  evaluate how innovative systems will perform against emerging or conceptual threats.

- Modeling, simulation and analysis

- Operational-level simulation

- Physics-based M&S

- Signature and Sensor modeling

- Parametric modeling

- Rapid data generation for system-level  analysis 

- Embedded software development

- Learn about our ADEPT Center

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Simulation Huntsville Alabama
flight simulator

Our primary efforts focus on creating, testing, delivering, and supporting mathematical simulations for training, analysis, and research. We are constantly working to provide our clients with more relevant results so they can make better-informed decisions. To that end our products are tailored to meet ever growing operational and decision support requirements. Today, we support M&S applications that range from the internationally acclaimed, operational level simulation, the Joint Theater Level Simulation - Global Operations (JTLS - GO®)to federations that include JTLS - GO and a variety of high-resolution models.

CAE and ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES (R&A), a Valkyrie Enterprises wholly owned subsidiary, have collaborated to develop a federated constructive simulation solution called GlobalSim. The GlobalSim solution combines CAE's GESI command and staff training system with R&A's Joint Theater Level Simulation - Global Operations (JTLS-GO) . The combination of the two constructive simulation solutions brings together a theater-level constructive simulation (JTLS-GO) with a high-resolution, entity-level constructive simulation (GESI) to create a comprehensive federation that offers command leadership a single, realistic, multi-resolution view of the complete operational-to-tactical environment.


Federating CAE GESI and JTLS-GO allows supporting multi-level exercises thus enabling a user-selectable resolution of the simulated forces. By using this federation to represent the real world in multiple levels of detail both an effective simulation of theater/operational-level elements (such as maritime and air operations) as well as operational/tactical elements (such as urban operations, small-unit operations) can be achieved. In addition, using this federation provides the possibility to use the very detailed tactical ground model of GESI, but still maintain the theater level representation of JTLS-GO for the remainder of the joint environment, including air and naval.

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