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The ultimate competency management system for your maintenance personnel. With ODIN, you can effortlessly track and monitor the proficiencies and competencies of your team, from the enterprise level right down to the individual skillset. Our intuitive dashboard empowers you to redefine readiness with precision and confidence.

VIGR integrates Generative AI into your technical manuals and training programs. Imagine your maintenance personnel having interactive conversations with their technical manuals, receiving instant maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting recommendations. AI Powered Maintenance – AI Driven Success.

VIGR - The Power of AI for Readiness

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VALR - Micro-Learning, Recruitment, and More

An innovative platform that leverages SMS and text messaging for micro-learning and recruitment. Engage with recruits automatically and periodically, offering them invaluable insights into their military journey and career possibilities. As an on-the-go assessment tool, VALR lets you text your observations and feed competency profiles directly into ODIN and other LMS, making training more efficient than ever.

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