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Today Valkyrie Enterprises-Ship 2 Shore (S2S) is a leading manufacturer of innovative corrosion-inhibiting solutions.  Specializing in developing and manufacturing industrial corrosion inhibiting solutions that are friendly, easy to use, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

S2S products are long-lasting and self-healing lubricants and rust inhibitors with powerful penetrant and dielectric capabilities. They work by polar bonding to metal surfaces and hard-to-reach areas to form an even, dripless, dielectric barrier that displaces water and oxygen, creating a long-lasting protective barrier against rust.

Penetrant – creeps into hard-to-reach areas.

Lubricant – long-lasting, self-healing film

Inhibit Rust – stops rust in its tracks

Dielectric – up to 40,000 volts


Applying S2S requires minimal surface preparation and can be used on epoxy-coated, rusted, and new metal surfaces.  No curing time means protection starts as soon as they are applied.

S2S has more than 100 customers across more than 20 countries and is used by more than 10 different industries.

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