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The Valkyrie state-of-the-art Analysis, Digital Engineering, & Prototype Technology (ADEPT) Center provides an adaptable space for our engineers to solve customer problems.

The Center operates as a working lab and a demonstration center. Our lab is designed to meet today’s challenges with the ability to evolve and take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities.

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• Provides an adaptable space for engineers to solve challenging customer problems

• Hardware/software integration

• Model and Simulation (M&S) analysis and tool development

• Digital Engineering ecosystem development and transition training

• Operates as a working lab and a prototype demonstration center 

       • Consists of three primary areas: 

           • Unclassified Digital Engineering

           • Hardware Design

           • Classified space

• Providing co-located and distributed, real-time collaboration capabilities

• 18 work locations with varying levels of compute capabilities from Hot Desk to M&S stations

• 20-ft video wall that can be split into eight screens displaying from any of the workstations

• ½ Petabyte storage capacity

• Numerous MBSE applications and tools (Cameo, Innoslate, MATLAB, etc)

• 935 sq-ft with anti-static floors

• Reconfigurable workbenches and equipment stations

• Secret capability adhering to the latest NISPOM guidance

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