Valkyrie understands that relationships between employees, with clients, vendors, suppliers, and our community are built on a foundation of differences.  We recognize that for the best to be the best, we must promote the differences that strengthen us, instill trust and confidence in us, and improve us.  And – we believe our individual, unique qualities are the catalysts that prompt us to explore untapped resources and promote exceptional ideas and creative solutions.

Our commitment to diversity is demonstrated by providing training and awareness to employees, hiring people of diverse backgrounds at all levels in the company, and establishing guidelines for subcontracting to minority suppliers.


Our policies guide the conduct of employees and managers pertaining to

issues of diversity:

  • to increase self-awareness,

  • to treat others with courtesy, dignity and respect,

  • to be sensitive to the interpretation and potential impact of communication and actions

  • to appreciate, value and celebrate differences.

Diversity training is conducted for all employees. Training gives employees the tools to understand their role and to use a filter of inclusion in their everyday work.Training is an ongoing process.

Valkyrie commits to attract, develop, reward and retain a diverse workforce. We are an equal opportunity employer that respects all facets of diversity; including ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, and work-life experience.