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Valkyrie Enterprises-Ship 2 Shore grows staff by hiring Erik & Mary-Ellen Bergvinson as Vice President and Assistant Vice President

Virginia Beach, VA, May 17, 2024 - Valkyrie Enterprises, LLC, a leading provider of engineering, technology, and operational solutions, is thrilled to announce the additions of Erik and Mary-Ellen Bergvinson as Vice President and Assistant Vice President of the recently acquired Ship 2 Shore (S2S).  Erik and Mary-Ellen Bergvinson bring extensive expertise and market reach to address the billion-dollar corrosion issue. 

Erik and Mary-Ellen Bergvinson come to Valkyrie Enterprises after leading S2S for the last eight years.  They will continue to spearhead industry expansion and product diversification efforts for the Valkyrie Enterprises-Ship 2 Shore business area. 

Erik Bergvinson will lead business development initiatives by leveraging his knowledge and commitment to using science and technology to develop cutting-edge corrosion inhibitors and maintain product quality.  Since co-founding S2S in 2016, Erik Bergvinson expanded S2S sales operations from the defense sector to industrial sectors like transportation, infrastructure, energy, and agriculture. 

“Erik’s appointment reinforces Valkyrie’s dedication to delivering transformative corrosion solutions for current and future customers,” said Valkyrie Enterprises’ President & CEO Dave Street.  “His record of innovation and success aligns with Valkyrie’s trajectory.” 

Mary-Ellen Bergvinson will lead marketing and administrative support for the new business area.  She played a pivotal role in establishing S2S’s initial success and market expansion since co-founding the company with Erik in 2016.   

“Mary-Ellen and Erik have proven to be a dynamic team with S2S products.  We want to continue that forward momentum,” said Street. 

The combined expertise and resources Valkyrie Enterprises-Ship 2 Shore provides will drastically benefit defense customers and other industries. 

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