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Valkyrie at I/ITSEC 2023

If you are going to be at I/ITSEC 2023 this year in Orlando, please make it a point to visit Valkyrie Enterprises in booth #755. Meet the team, experience our exciting product demonstrations, and enter our free give-away!


Founded in 2007, Valkyrie is proudly boasting a workforce of highly skilled technicians, engineers, analysts, and managers who provide support for the sustainment of:

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, and Intelligence (C5I) capabilities enhancing multinational interoperability and strategic maritime partnerships. Valkyrie capabilities also include Software Development and Modeling and Simulation

Maritime Modernization:

The coordinated effort in furtherance of maritime dominance on the high seas, focusing on a tighter integration of all maritime capabilities to meet the growing global challenges.

Readiness and Assessment:

Capabilities enhancing multinational interoperability and strategic maritime partnerships.

Brands: JTLS-GO | Fleet LVC | C5I | ODIN | VIGR | VALR | Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy | Waterfront Training | Maritime Modernization | Readiness & Assessments



JTLS-GO is designed for wargaming and analysis of joint and combined (coalition) operation plans, U.S. and international CAX support, experimentation and budget-based wargaming. It is a scalable, flexible, interactive, and internet-enabled simulation. It also includes logistical, SOF, and intelligence operations. It was designed specifically to examine the changing modality of warfare at the operational-level. JTLS-GO is used by leaders and directors from combatant commands (CCMDs), Service Component Commands, Combat Support Agencies (CSAs), Joint Staff (JS), and Joint Task Forces (JTFs); including NATO and Coalition military forces around the world.


  • Maximum of twenty Force Sides can be represented, with each Side potentially divided into an unlimited number of Factions. Force Side relationships are asymmetric and can be changed during Simulation execution. 

  • All processes to develop forces are designed to support doctrine-neutral implementation for maximum flexibility.

  • The manner in which simulated forces operate are not included in the simulation code but are described and contained within the database to facilitate the tailoring of data as needed to define unit types & sizes, combat systems, supplies, and targets.

  • A Standard Database (SDB) that includes several reusable modules is delivered with the software. Easy to use database development and modification tools are also part of each JTLS-GO delivery. 

  • Scenarios can include military forces, civil agencies, international relief organizations, and specific civilian populations.

  • JTLS-GO recognizes terrain, weapons, movement, attrition tables, unit characteristics, and Time- Phased Force Deployment Data (TPFDD) as input.

  • Terrain is represented as a multi-level world-wide grid terrain system and forces may be placed anywhere in the world and be managed by the Players.

  • Bridges, tunnels, pumping stations, rail yards and interdiction points can be explicitly represented and targeted.


In today's rapidly evolving world, the key to success is adaptability and preparedness. That's where ODIN, VIGR, and VALR come in three cutting-edge solutions designed to revolutionize competency management, maintenance, and learning in your team.

ODIN - Elevating Readiness

The ultimate competency management system for your maintenance personnel. With ODIN, you can effortlessly track and monitor the proficiencies and competencies of your team, from the enterprise level right down to the individual skillset. Our intuitive dashboard empowers you to redefine readiness with precision and confidence.

VIGR - The Power of AI for Readiness

VIGR integrates Generative AI into your technical manuals and training programs. Imagine your maintenance personnel having interactive conversations with their technical manuals, receiving instant maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting recommendations. AI Powered Maintenance – AI Driven Success.

VALR - Micro-Learning, Recruitment, and More

An innovative platform that leverages SMS and text messaging for micro-learning and recruitment. Engage with recruits automatically and periodically, offering them invaluable insights into their military journey and career possibilities. As an on-the-go assessment tool, VALR lets you text your observations and feed competency profiles directly into ODIN and other LMS, making training more efficient than ever.

Thank you for subscribing to Valkyrie News, we hope to see you in Orlando, November 27th-December 1st. You can always follow us on social media and find us at

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