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Valkyrie Enterprises acquires Ship 2 Shore to boost corrosion-inhibiting & remediation services

Ship-2-Shore Valkyrie Enterprises corrosion inhibiting
Valkyrie Enterprises-Ship-2-Shore

Virginia Beach, Va., May 15, 2024 – Valkyrie Enterprises, LLC, an engineering, technology, and operational solutions company has made a strategic investment and acquired Ship 2 Shore (S2S) to provide industrial corrosion-inhibiting products to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other end markets on May 9th. Combining the S2S product and Valkyrie’s proven ability to provide world-class training and sustainment services to its customers creates a new, formidable solution to combat the global issue of corrosion on DoD equipment and in other industries.  

“We welcome S2S as a strategic partner with Valkyrie Enterprises and recognize the increased value that we will be able to provide our customers with this new offering.  S2S adds capabilities to Valkyrie’s Sustainment and Modernization business unit, which will enhance Valkyrie’s ability to provide critical services to new and existing national security customers. Corrosion prevention is a significant, ongoing priority of the Department of Defense and Valkyrie can now better assist its customers in reducing the $20 billion spent annually on corrosion.” said Tom Campbell, Chairman of Valkyrie Enterprises and Founder and Managing Partner of DC Capital Partners. 

The DoD reports corrosion costs are more than $20 billion per fiscal year and negatively affect the service life and availability of ships due to maintenance downtime. Valkyrie Enterprises’ Corrosion Control and Maritime Modernization operations will integrate their expertise and training skills with all S2S products.  With the experience and product, Valkyrie Enterprises will tackle the corrosion problem interfering with any mission.   

S2S products are used wherever there is rust.  The corrosion-inhibiting paste, tape, and liquids supplied by S2S protects and extends the lifespan of several types of equipment.  The S2S corrosion-inhibiting products need minimal surface prep, saving customers time and money.  These easy-to-apply products bind to metal and shut down corrosive action. 

“This partnership increases the impact Valkyrie Enterprises will make for our current and future customers,” said Valkyrie Enterprises’ President & CEO Dave Streett. “Our ability to help customers extend the operational life of their machinery and equipment crosses all industries.”   

The strategic partnership between Valkyrie and S2S provides strong expertise and resources to defense customers and other potential markets such as industrial, agriculture, transportation, infrastructure, electrical, and energy.   

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